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[Learn How to Code] Beginner’s Course in HTML + CSS

HTML + CSS Course

In this course, you’ll gain the skills, practice, + personalized support you need to understand HTML, CSS, + WordPress design customization with ease.

The majority of online courses are just an information dump where it’s solely up to you to figure it out as you go. This course is far from that.

How so? It’s hands-on and incorporates personalized feedback from me each and every week. That’s right… a real live human with eyeballs will look at your projects, give you tips on industry standards, and be personally available to you if you have any questions.

I’ve spent the last decade working with HTML, CSS, + WordPress as both a freelancer and employee at a booming agency outside of Philly. Since I work with this stuff every day, I’m confident the skills you learn in this course will be exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Clear + concise lessons on challenges you’ll face in the real world of coding will be exactly what you get.

“If you’ve been curious about learning HTML + CSS, you should take this course. I learned more from Nina in a couple hours than I did in years of my own research and experimentation. No need to be intimidated, either – the course is really fun and you’ll be so proud of all your new skills!”
—Carly E., “Intro to HTML + CSS” Student

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