Nina Cross

Meeper. Teacher. WordPress Developer.

Hi! I’m Nina Cross, a former-teacher-turned-web-developer who has spent the last
8 years working with WordPress.

My job is to eliminate stress when it comes to dealing with your website. Doing what you love and growing your business should be your primary focus… let me take care of the rest.

“If you don’t know Nina Cross, you should. She’s a great Thesis Designer.” —Derek Halpern, founder of Social Triggers Derek Halpern
WordPress Development

WordPress Development Done Right

You may have WordPress and/or coding knowledge yourself, but desperately want to spend more time doing what you love and less time wrestling with technology. Or perhaps you aren’t too familiar with code and would rather leave it up to a professional.

No matter which category you fit into, I can help!

I primarily work with the Genesis and Thesis themes, however,
I do have experience with other themes and platforms.

Feel free to send me a quick note to see if I would be a good fit for your project!

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“Nina is an absolute pleasure to work with! She was able to read my mind and translate my vague descriptions into something beautiful; she was responsive, took feedback incredibly well, and handled every step of the process professionally.” —Jenny Blake, author, speaker, career coach, and business strategist Jenny Blake
Thesis and Genesis Developer

Some of the Ways I Can Help You Customize Your WordPress Website…

  • adding new features or functionality
  • adapting your site for mobile responsiveness
  • changing the layout of your home page to increase engagement + conversions
  • tweaking the typography for better readability + flow
  • creating a landing page for a new product or opportunity you want to offer
  • incorporating an email opt-in throughout your site
  • adding new content + posts
  • ongoing web maintenance

…plus so much more!

I provide project-based quotes which means
you’ll know the exact cost before we begin.

I also offer monthly packages for clients who need ongoing work with a quick turnaround (and you can cancel your package at anytime!)

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“Choosing Nina to design my website was the best decision I made! She is so much more than a web designer. She was on the journey with me and gave great advice and tips of industry standards. Sometimes I had a million ideas and not all of them would have helped me achieve my goal. This is where she came in to help me refocus on what mattered. Thank you Nina for your amazing dedication to my site and business!” —Monika Nybom, Entrepreneur + Creator of the Mindful Bambini App Monika Nybom
About Nina Cross

8 Random Facts About Yours Truly
(because why not?!)

  • I’ve been to 89 Dave Matthews Band concerts.
  • I taught middle school Algebra for years before retiring to pursue my passion.
  • I’ve built over 20 full websites with WordPress + Genesis just over the last 12 months. Not to mention, the dozens of Genesis sites I have customized and maintained for clients over the past few years.
  • My baby sister is 20 years younger (!!) than me.
  • I once woke up at 11:00 am, decided to book a flight to Atlanta, rented a car as soon as I landed, and arrived in Alabama at 8:00 pm that same night just in time for a concert I really wanted to see.
  • I created the first official add-on sold and distributed through DIYthemes. Promo, a designers’ collection Thesis Skin, was created by me and refined by Chris Pearson, the creator of Thesis.
  • If I could have only one food for the rest of my life, it would be Kraft Mac & Cheese. (Yep, the powder kind.)
  • I have many passions, one of which is navigating how to add more heartful + grateful + mindful moments to my days. You can catch me over in the Meep Moment community, where I share my journey of living a more authentic + mindful life while helping others who wish to do the same.

I’d love to see if we would be a good fit for one another…
get in touch today and let’s do this!

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